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Kahoot! User-friendly tool for designing in-class questionnaires and quizzes

What it is: Kahoot! is a user-friendly tool for designing in-class questionnaires and quizzes. A user designs a quiz, survey, or questionnaire to test the knowledge of his or her audience. Audience members can answer questions using a variety of devices. The quizzes and questionnaires, referred to as "Kahoots," are designed to promote a game-like atmosphere in the learning environment.

Who would love it: Classroom students of all ages; also recommended for use by businesses.

Why it's good: Kahoot! is special because it is easy to use, compatible with a variety of devices, and intended to promote a fun learning environment. Kahoot! allows teachers to get a better picture of where their students stand while students are engaged in a fun learning experience.

Why it's relevant: Although a young company, Kahoot! already has millions of users. A couple of weeks ago, Arctic Startup reported that the company has more than 30 million unique users, with teachers asking 100 million questions and students generating 1 billion answers on the platform. Additionally, Kahoot! is focusing on establishing a Kahoot! community in which users can share ideas, troubleshoot, and ask questions of Kahoot! staff. The company has taken steps to promote this global community by establishing Kahoot! community forums.


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